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Neither mine nor yours. Our home. This is the meaning of Janeraka in the Awaete language. And Janeraka is also an initiative of the Janeraka Institute (formed by the Marytykwawara family of the Awaete ethnic group - Assurini do Xingu), which brings in its essence the strengthening of indigenous peoples and their territories.

In the last 5 years we have traveled through Brazil facilitating more than 300 activities in 4 states with the project “Agenda Awaete - Exchange of Knowledge Assurini do Xingu / PA”. In this journey, we sought to reframe the contact with the karai (non-indigenous people) through exchanges of knowledge and practices between cultures.

With Time'i's consecration as Pajé, we returned to the state of Pará and are currently focused on consolidating two locations that form the basic infrastructure of Janeraka:

Together, these two points connect the forest and its people to the region's largest capital and the world.

More about our fight

Download the PDFs with more information about our battles and victories.

Agenda Awaete (PDF) Janeraka Belém (PDF)

Our Mission

Welcome to be welcomed.

Through co-creative engagement and collective social construction, we seek to connect dreams by weaving spaces of coexistence between the peoples of the forest and the karai. A union for life, the Amazon and our ancestry.

Amazon Challenges

Just like other peoples from the Amazon, we Awaete are fighting against violent invasions of our lands, encouraged by colonialist and extractive interests, as well by the neglect of the Brazilian government.

The ethnocide has been occurring since the contact due to the construction of the Transamazônica Highway, when we reached the critical number of 52 people. And it intensified with the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, the arrival of the mining company Belo Sun and the advance of livestock and agribusiness.

As data from the Belo Monte Dossier show, such a careless contact has brought us:

At the same time, traditional Awaete culture and knowledge has suffered from harassment and misrepresentation by religious and academic groups, which weakens our social structure and strengthens constant attacks and changes.

How to Help


Due to these circumstances, we have a great urgency to restructure our territory, enabling us to face the new reality and challenges of the Awaete ethnic group.

Thus, the Janeraka project (with its two physical reception points) is of key importance for Awaete demands. And given the neglect that we suffer from the institutions "responsible" for the indigenous cause, we turn to the networks for financial support to ensure the maintenance, logistics and dignity of the team that has been doing its best to continue in the resistance.

Bank Account

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Podcast of the Awaete ethnic group

  • Assurini do Xingu selected in international call for Human Rights

    Through tales of creation and ends of worlds Awaete, Pajé Time Assurini addresses the current moment of the coronavirus pandemic, the world crises and the experience of its people in the face of challenges, showing us that it is always possible to find ways to regenerate futures.

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